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About Me

- Rixt Heerschop -

I’m a creator with a diverse portfolio and a broad range of interests. I love exploring new mediums in addition to mastering the ones I already work in; there’s always a new challenge ahead. I’m self-taught and absorb up new information eagerly.

Much of my work is inspired by my love for Dungeons & Dragons and all things fantasy related. Creating character designs and illustrations is a particular favorite of mine. I also find great joy in plein-air painting, where I take all of my oil painting material outside and try to capture the Great Outside. There's something about either freezing in the cold or desperately clinging to a bit of shadow for coolness that adds something special to the whole experience ;) When I'm not working on my craft, I can probably be found in the climbing hall, playing DnD with friends, or photographing.

I'm open for commissions, and you can always contact me via email or on any of the social networks I'm on!

Past exhibits:
Town Hall Vianen

Rixt Heerschop Rixt Heerschop